Wednesday 13 November 2013

Nature Update (#885 - 924)

885. Medlar fruit in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

886. Medlar fruit in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

887. Grey mushrooms in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

888.  Grey mushrooms in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

889. Nettle in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

890. Bramble leaf in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

891. Bramble leaf in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

892. Shaggy Ink Cap (Coprinus comatus) mushroom in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

893. Shaggy Ink Cap (Coprinus comatus) mushrooms in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

895. A rained-on pigeon feather in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

896. A rained-on pigeon feather in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

897. Horse Chestnut leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

898. Grey mushroom in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

899. Grey mushroom in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

900. Pine cone and branch in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

901. Pine cone in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

902. Conker and shell in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

903. Milk Cap (Lactarius) mushroom in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

904. Milk Cap (Lactarius) mushroom in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

905. Milk Cap (Lactarius) mushroom in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

906. Oak leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

907. Bramble leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

908. Bramble leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

909. Bramble leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

910. Bramble leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

911. Bramble leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

912. Bramble leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

913. Bramble leaves in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

914. Firethorn (Pyracantha) berries in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

915. Oak leaf in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

916. Common Spangle galls underneath an oak leaf. (12/NOV/2013)

917. The meadow. Facing Bristol Road (south-east). Taken from vantage point k* (12/NOV/2013)

918. The end of the teaching wing in the meadow. (12/NOV/2013)

919. A black, four-red-spot Harlequin ladybird on the new fence in the thicket. (12/NOV/2013)

920. A black, four-red-spot Harlequin ladybird on the new fence in the thicket. (12/NOV/2013)

921. Russula mushrooms in the thicket. (12/NOV/2013)

922. Maple leaf in the thicket. (12/NOV/2013)

923. Pampas grass outside the front entrance to the OLRC. (12/NOV/2013)

924. View through the "self-cleaning" window in the OLRC. Taken from the second floor, next to the life. (12/NOV/2013)

*See map and key for vantage points: Map and key

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