Friday 29 November 2013

Demolition Day 10 - Clearing Johnston House (#1060 - 1061)

Watch as the contents of Johnston House are cleared and taken away. 

1060. The rubbish pile outside Johnston House. (28/NOV/2013)

1061. The rubbish pile outside Johnston House. (28/NOV/2013)

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  1. A bit strange to see this as my room in the Autumn of 1980 (when I had both hair and high hopes of a career in community work!) was that window third row up, left hand corner, immediately above the jib of the excavator. There was some kind of weather vane or old bird table on a post on the grass in front of Johnston right where all the debris is stacked in these photos - it used to be useful for regular target practice if I got bored studying in my room and I had a few old eggs laying around!