Tuesday 19 November 2013

Johnston House - Demolition Day 2 (#989 - 999)

Actual demolition begins on December 12th. The basement will be left for another time, so as not to interfere with the BBC's filming of Doctors.

989. The front of Johnston House. "G" has been sprayed on the doors. (19/NOV/2013)

990. The front of Johnston House. "G" for ground floor, has been sprayed on the doors. (19/NOV/2013)

991. Fencing has been erected around Johnston House. (19/NOV/2013)

992. Fencing has been erected around Johnston House. (19/NOV/2013)

993. The car park to the south-east of Johnston House. The barriers are where the drains are being cleared because of last week's enormous puddles. Fencing has been put up half way down the car park. (19/NOV/2013)

994. Fencing around Johnston House. To the right is the yew tree that was pruned last week. It will have to be removed to get the "reaching machine" in. (19/NOV/2013)

995. Fencing around Johnston House. View of the south-east side. (19/NOV/2013)

996. Graffiti on the side of Johnston House has been added to in blue by the demolition team. (19/NOV/2013)

997. The green on the south-east side of Johnston House, now surrounded by fencing. (19/NOV/2013)

998. Half of the car park, the south end, has been fenced off and a workmen's hut has appeared. (19/NOV/2013)

999. Sunshine on Johnston House. (19/NOV/2013)

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