Melville House - aka The Mill Health Centre

Filming Doctors at "The Mill". (23/SEP/2013)


  1. Known as Melville Hall when I was a student at Westhill 1980-1982. It housed the bar and was where all the entertainment happened - discos and so on. I vividly remember the night it hosted a brilliant local reggae/rock band - Afrikkan Star. In true Westhill fashion the event was attended by about eight people - the band deserved far better. I actually went up and apologised to them afterwards, I felt embarrassed at the lack of support..

    The only other thing I remember about Melville was that somewhere in the building was the pigeon hole where I used to collect my mail as a resident student!

    It's very odd, but I'm not sure if Melville housed the Student Refectory or not. I can remember eating there - but not where it was!

  2. Melville Hall was the brand new student union building in my first year of 1976/7 and what an opening night that was! 'Hi Ho Westhill College!!' Previously the coffee bar in the old teaching centre across the road doubled as a bar in the evenings. We had many brilliant nights in Melville packed with students from Westhill and other Selly Oak colleges.
    The refectory was behind Melville, Mick and was there a while before Melville was opened, we had to go down steps to get to main entrance. I have a picture of myself and another student called Andy standing on the steps outside Melville - taken for the rag mag because we were the carnival King and Queen one year, Happy Days!