Wednesday 13 November 2013

Demolition Update: Johnston House - Demolition Preparation (#925 - 929)

925. A notice has gone up, indicating the imminence of the demolition of Johnston House. Work will begin in December. (13/NOV/2013)

926. The Grounds team are hard at work, cutting back trees to make room for the preparations for demolition. (13/NOV.2013)

927. Johnston House, currently condemned and full of asbestos, will soon be carefully demolished. (13/NOV/2013)

Johnston House is named after missionary and writer, Ethel Archibald Johnston, who was George Hamilton Archibald's daughter. (Archibald founded Westhill College in 1907, and Archibald House is named after him.)

928. Ethel Archibald Johnston. 

929. A Rose of Sharon flower on the winding path next to Johnston House. (13/NOV/2013)

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