Wednesday 25 September 2013

Update - Demolition Day 37 (#338 - 343)

The first mist of the season covered the campus this morning. 

338. Weoley Park Road. Hamilton Drive and BMS on the left. (25/SEP/2013)

339. A view down Hamilton Drive. The cedar tree on the right. Taken from vantage point cc* (25/SEP/2013)

340. Where Frank Price Building and Hamilton Building once stood. The trees background left are those that border the meadow. Taken from vantage point a*. (25/SEP/2013)

341. Mist over the slowly shrinking pile of rubble. Taken from the thicket. (25/SEP/2013)

342. Mushrooms have sprung up on the verge on Hamilton Drive. View of the thicket and the demolition site. (25/SEP/2013)

343. Early morning at the OLRC. Taken from vantage point gg* (25/SEP/2013)

*See map and key for vantage points: Map and key

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