Tuesday 17 September 2013

Day 29 - More scenes from Selly Oak campus (#202 - 209)

202. Hamilton Drive. BMS (Baptist Mission Society) on the left, the cedar tree in the centre and the work site on the right. Weoley Park Road in the background. (17/SEP/2013)

203. A big hole in Hamilton Drive. Weoley Park Road in the background, BMS on the left. (17/SEP/2013)

204. The huge pile of rubble. It is raining again today, so the rubble doesn't need to be hosed to reduce dust and the spread of asbestos. The trees in the background border the meadow. (17/SEP/2013)

205. Huge foundation stones from under Hamilton Building, where Hamilton Building used to stand. Weoley Park Road in the background. Taken from Hamilton Drive. (17/SEP/2013)

206. The foundations of Mary Burnie House on the left in front of the rubble. A mains cupboard is all that remains of Mary Burnie House.  Taken from the thicket. The trees in the background are on Weoley Park Road. (17/SEP/2013)

207. The ground where Mary Burnie House once stood. Brooksbank Centre used to be where the yellow and orange diggers are. The trees are those that border the meadow. 
Taken from vantage point ee* (17/SEP/2013)

208. The huge pile of rubble and the cedar tree. Taken on Hamilton Drive. The trees that border the meadow are in the background. (17/SEP/2013)

209. There is more light in the thicket now that Mary Burnie House has gone. (17/SEP/2013)

*See map and key for vantage points: Map and key

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