Wednesday 28 October 2015

New Foliage on Campus (#1571-1584)

1571. New trees and shrubs planted at the front of the new school at the top of Hamilton Drive and along Weoley Park Road. (28/OCT/15)

1572. New trees and shrubs planted in the coach park of the new school and along Hamilton Drive. (28/OCT/15)

1573. Trees for the new school waiting to be planted along Hamilton Drive.(28/OCT/15)

1574. New trees planted at the rear of the school next to the playground, along the OLRC footpath leading to Bristol Road. Taken from the 1st floor of the OLRC. (28/OCT/15)

1575. View from the front entrance of the OLRC ups to Hamilton Drive. The Golden Liquid Amber tree is red, at the top of the drive. (28/OCT/15)

1576. The Golden Liquid Amber Tree on the opposite side of Hamilton Drive is now red, while the maple trees in the thicket are lovely golden shades. (28/OCT/15)

1577. The Golden Liquid Amber Tree. (28/OCT/15)

1578. Trees along Hamilton Drive. (28/OCT/15)

1579. The thicket. The school and OLRC (now OLRC and School staff only) car park can be seen through the trees.(28/OCT/15)

1580. The Jean Sames memorial (Rowan) tree in the foreground, with the school perimeter fence in the background along the OLRC path to Bristol Road. (28/OCT/15)

1581. Skinny new trees have been planted along the school boundary, silhouetted against the trees that make up the original Bristol Road meadow boundary. (28/OCT/15)

1582. New trees planted on the school boundary close to Bristol Road. (28/OCT/15)

1583. "Johnston House car park" (on the site where Johnston stood) and surrounding oak trees. (28/OCT/15)

1584. Rosehips on the winding path with Alan Geale House in the background. (28/OCT/15)

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