Monday 12 October 2015

Autumn on the Selly Oak Campus (#1552-1570)

Despite the new school opening last month, the rest of the campus is still peaceful.

1552. The winding path at the back of the OLRC. To the right is Alan Geale House. On the left is where Johnston House once stood, which is now a car park. This month, pay and display parking has been introduced to the campus. (09/OCT/15)

1553. Mushrooms and conkers along the winding path. (09/OCT/15)

1554. There is always an abundance of conkers (and squirrels) along the winding path at this time of year. (09/OCT/15)

1555. Conker on the winding path. (09/OCT/15)

1556. Blackberries growing by the winding path at the back of the OLRC. (09/OCT/15)

1557. The Johnston House car park, opposite Alan Geale House in The Close. (09/OCT/15)

1558. Alan Geale House. The car park is full of squashed conkers. (09/OCT/15)

1559. The Hydrangea bushes next to Alan Geale House with a view of The Close behind them. (09/OCT/15)

1560. The Hydrangea bushes next to Alan Geale House. (09/OCT/15)

1561. The Hydrangea bushes. On the right are the two metal bollards where the entrance to Johnston House used to be. The rear of the OLRC can be seen in the background. (09/OCT/15)

1562. Johnston House car park viewed from The Close. Facing Bristol Road.(09/OCT/15)

1563. Alan Geale House in the Autumn sunshine. (09/OCT/15)

1564. The Yew berries are coming out. These trees marked what used to be the front of Johnston House. (09/OCT/15)

1565. View of Johnston House car park along the path that used to lead to the front entrance of Johnston House. (09/OCT/15)

1566. The winding path and the rear of the OLRC viewed from next to Alan Geale House. (09/OCT/15)

1567. View from the winding path. (09/OCT/15)

1568. View from the winding path with Alan Geale House on the left. (09/OCT/15)

1569. Conker and Oak trees on the winding path. (09/OCT/15)

1570. View of The Mill (where they film Doctors) across the south car park (next to Johnston House car park) taken from the Humanities Hall, 1st floor of the OLRC. Contractors are currently using this space, waiting to make final touches to the school grounds at half term. (12/OCT/15)

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