Thursday 1 May 2014

Building and Nature Update (#1700 - 1707)

1700. The ground has been rolled flat. This is the spot where Mary Burnie house once stood. In the foreground are some of the drainage pipes being laid in the ground. The Teaching Wing is in the background. Taken on Hamilton Drive. Facing the meadow and Bristol Road. (01/MAY/2014)

1701. More pipes being laid in the ground. The site will be fully prepared for a hundred-year flood thanks to the drainage and filter system being put in. (01/MAY/2014)

1702. The wire fence shows the actual site boundary and includes the strip of ground that was once the edge of the thicket. In the background is the OLRC car park and the Teaching Wing. George Cadbury Hall is background left. (01/MAY/2014)

1703. Queen Anne's Lace ('Daucus carota' aka Cow Parsley) growing along Hamilton Drive. BCC (Birmingham Christian College) on the right. (01/MAY/2014)

1704. A patch of bluebells on the BCC side of Hamilton Drive. (01/MAY/2014)

1705. Also on the BCC side of Hamilton Drive, the Weigela (Weigela florida) bush is coming into flower. (01/MAY/2014)

1706. Weigela (Weigela florida) on Hamilton Drive. (01/MAY/2014)

1707. The Horse Chestnut tree in the OLRC staff carpark is covered in lovely flowers. (01/MAY/2014)

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