Monday 28 April 2014

Building Update (#1681 - 1684)

1681. Sign on the wire fence around the building site. (25/APR/2014)

1682. View across the building site last thing on Friday afternoon. Taken on Hamilton Drive. Weoley Park Road is in the background. (25/APR/2014)

1683. Another hole has appeared (left). Taken on Weoley Park Road from vantage point a*. The OLRC (Orchard Learning Resource Centre) and Teaching Wing can be seen in the background. Facing south. (28/APR/2014)

1684. View of the spot where Mary Burnie House once stood in the foreground. Various piles of sorted rubble and tree roots. George Cadbury Hall can just be seen background centre. Facing south-east and Bristol Road. (28/APR/2014)

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