Saturday 25 April 2015

Update on the Inside of the New School (#1494 - 1530)

1494. Inside the University of Birmingham School. (22/APR/2015)

1495.  Inside the main entrance. (22/APR/2015)

1496. Inside the atrium. (22/APR/2015)

1497. Inside the atrium. (22/APR/2015)

1498. Inside the atrium. (22/APR/2015)

1499.  Inside the University of Birmingham School. (22/APR/2015)

1500. The atrium. (22/APR/2015)

1501. Toilets. (22/APR/2015)

1502. Special flooring is being laid in the science labs and art classrooms. (22/APR/2015)

1503. Special flooring in a science lab. (22/APR/2015)

1504. View across the OLRC car park and thicket from the second floor. (22/APR/2015)

1505. View of the north projection of the school from the second floor. (22/APR/2015)

1506. The OLRC car park, the gas and water pipes being installed and the north projection of the school, viewed from the second floor. (22/APR/2015)

1507. The OLRC and car park viewed from the second floor. (22/APR/2015)

1508. One of the new classrooms. (22/APR/2015)

1509. New classroom with view of George Cadbury Hall. (22/APR/2015)

1510. New corridor. (22/APR/2015)

1511. The school's library. (22/APR/2015)

1512. The school's library. (22/APR/2015)

1513. The school's library. The room on the left is the store. (22/APR/2015)

1514. The school's library. (22/APR/2015)

1515. The atrium. (22/APR/2015)

1516. The roof of the atrium. (22/APR/2015)

1517. Art classroom. (22/APR/2015)

1518. View of Weoley Park Road and St Mary's church from the art classroom. (22/APR/2015)

1519. View of the east projection of the building from the art classroom. (22/APR/2015)

1520. Another new classroom. (22/APR/2015)

1521. Another new classroom. (22/APR/2015)

1522. An office. (22/APR/2015)

1523. The atrium. (22/APR/2015)

1524. Inside the new school. (22/APR/2015)

1525. Inside the new school.  (22/APR/2015)

1526. A science lab. The buckets mark the gas connections. (22/APR/2015)

1527. View through several classrooms. (22/APR/2015)

1528. Locker space in the hallway. (22/APR/2015)

1529. The auditorium.(22/APR/2015)

1530. The lift has been installed. (22/APR/2015)

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