Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Removal of the Hedgerow (#1314 - 1337)

The hedgerow between the meadow and the demolition site at the top of campus is being taken out to make way for the new academy school. This is being done now because birds will start nesting soon - at which point the hedge would become protected. The hedgerow consists of lime, maple, sycamore, beech, oak and cherry laurel.

1314. The maple tree in the corner of the OLRC car park has been cut back before being removed. (25/FEB/2014)

1315. Lichen-covered maple branches on the ground. (26/FEB/2014)

1316. Maple branches and a view of the demolition site. Weoley Park Road background right. Hamilton drive background left. (25/FEB/2014)

1317. Lime trees and laurel bushes. The demolition site and Weoley Park Road in the background. (25/FEB/2014)

1318. The hedge consisted mostly of laurel, which has been cut back so that the trees can be taken down. Weoley Park Road background left. The large pile of rubble from the demolition can bee seen in the meadow, background right. (25/FEB/2014)

1319. The maple tree (the tall one) and a lime tree on the left of this photo, with the meadow in the background. Taken from the east corner of the OLRC car park. (25/FEB/2014)

1320. Panoramic shot (some distortion) of the east corner of the OLRC car park. The meadow on the right, and the demolition site on the left. (25/FEB/2014)

1321. The three cropped trees at the end of the hedgerow, with the OLRC car park and the thicket background left, and the demolition site background right. Facing Hamilton Drive and Birmingham Christian College. (25/FEB/2014)

1322. Panoramic shot (with some distortion) from the OLRC car park, along the hedge to the north corner of the meadow. (25/FEB/2014)

1323. Piles of laurel line the meadow. Facing Weoley Park Road. (25/FEB/2014)

1324. A pruned laurel tree with a view of the rubble pile in the meadow. Facing Weoley Park Road. (25/FEB/2014)

1325. Piles of laurel on the demolition site. Facing North. Weoley Park Road is background right, Hamilton Drive background left. (25/FEB/2014)

1326. The original wire fence has been exposed along the meadow boundary. Facing south east. (25/FEB/2014)

1327. The meadow boundary with exposed wire fence, cut back laurel bushes and yew tree on the right. Facing Weoley Park Road. (25/FEB/2014)

1328. Some of the pruned yew tree which was starting to flower. (25/FEB/2014)

1329. Remnants of Westhill College in the hedge between the meadow and demolition site. (25/FEB/2014)

1330. The yew tree, soon to be cut down. (25/FEB/2014)

1331. The hedgerow. The yew tree is in the centre of the photograph. Facing west, and Hamilton Drive, which is in the background. (25/FEB/2014)

1332. Laurel cuttings on the demolition site. Facing Hamilton Drive. (25/FEB/2014)

1333. Panoramic shot (some distortion) from the teaching wing and OLRC on the left, to the north corner of the meadow on the right. (25/FEB/2014)

1334. Lots of pruned laurel. The trees on the hedgerow are next to go. (25/FEB/2014)

1335. The maple tree on the end of the hedgerow, with the demolition site and Weoley Park Road behind it. The paved pathway middle-ground left, used to lead to the side of Brooksbank Centre. (25/FEB/2014)

1336. What is left of the maple tree. (25/FEB/2014)

1337. View of the hedge from across the demolition site. Taken on Hamilton Drive. The cedar tree is in the foreground. The mound of rubble in the meadow can be seen background left. The OLRC is background right. (25/FEB/2014)

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