Friday, 11 October 2013

Update - Demolition Day 50 (#355 - 358)

The whole demolition area is now clear. Next Monday the last digger will leave, on Tuesday the fencing will be taken down and replaced with something more substantial, and on Wednesday the workmen will tidy, litter-pick and remove their cabin.

355. The whole site cleared, viewed through the thicket. Taken from vantage point ff* (11/OCT/2013)


356. Mary Burnie used to stand in the foregound, Hamilton and Frank Price in the background. The cedar tree is on the left. Taken from vantage point ee* (11/OCT/2013)

357. Hamilton Building and Frank Price building used to stand on the left, Brooksbank Centre on the right. The gap through to the meadow is fenced off to protect the crushed rubble and precious top soil. Taken from Hamilton Drive. (11/OCT/2013)

358. Mary Burnie House used to stand in the foreground, Brooksbank Centre in the background. The meadow lies beyond the hedge in the background. Taken from vantage point ee* (11/OCT/2013)

*See map and key for vantage points: Map and key

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